To Trend or Not, That is the Question…

Hey Dey Fort Collins Bucking HorseI recently had the honor of being asked to speak at the ‘HEYDAY Grows’ vigor series hosted by Jennifer Little, owner of HEYDAY boutique and Knapsack, here in Fort Collins.

Jen and her team reach out to local businesses, entrepreneurs, CEOs, (the list goes on) and host weekly panels with a range of topics. Between the community they bring together, the women they empower, and the individuals you meet along the way, I can’t speak highly enough about what an awesome thing Jen is doing.

Being a panelist at her Home Series I had the opportunity to share my passion and journey with so many great people. One of the questions I can’t seem to get out of my head was what I thought of trends in the design industry. I simply said I’m not a fan. Trends come and go, and furniture is expensive and doesn’t come and go quite so easily.

In Retrospect

But the more I’ve thought about this question the more I have to say about it. Interiors, just like fashion, are forever evolving. And trends help the market do that. Trends come in many fabrics, colors, textures, patterns, and concepts. A home can be designed with trends by adding them to an already existing, wonderful, foundation.

Think of trends as an accessory to accent your space. It doesn’t have to be much, but given the right pieces it can make a difference in the look.

Did your Grandparents have velvet in there home? Because mine did, and I loved it just as much then as I do now. Velvet, it’s gorgeous, soft, elegant, simple, handsome, refined. This trend has come full circle from past decades and it’s tapped into many different interior styles.

Mixed Metal Kitchen Interior Design Advice
A trend that can be translated into different styles is a trend that’s going to stick around for a while. It’s something that’s worth the investment. Mixed metals in the kitchen is a huge trend that I happen to love. From hardware, to lighting fixtures, to decorative accessories and beyond. The combinations are endless! Mixing metals can read super clean and classic too.
If I could go back and answer Jen’s question I would, but since I can’t I’ll do it here. I do like trends. You just need to know how to filter through the good and the bad.