Bucking Horse Dining Room Redesign

Adeline and Arnie moved from Florida to the Bucking Horse community in Fort Collins. They bought the popular GENEVA model from DR Horton which is a lot of house that has over 5,000 square feet of living space. When they moved from Florida 99% of their furniture was destroyed in the moving truck so they had a clean slate to work with and were working from scratch.
Arnie and Adeline hired Favela Interiors because they loved Leslie’s house and the pictures they saw from previous projects were exactly what they wanted.  Even though it was a whole house project they wanted to start with the front entrance and dining room to make sure there was a good working fit. Arnie and Adeline proclaim to have “zero design style” and left all the selections up to Leslie.  The only instructions Leslie was given was to use the Farmhouse table which they had already ordered.
Leslie put together several design boards for Adeline and Arnie and they choose the everything the liked the most. A few times they couldn’t make up their mind and just let Leslie make the final choice which she was very comfortable doing. Leslie ordered everything, hired a meticulous handyman to make everything perfect and was there throughout the process to make sure everything was perfect. Arnie and Adeline liked everything and returned nothing so this project came together very fast.
Here is a snippet from an email that is being shared with their permission:
“We love everything!  Everything you found is nothing we would have even thought to purchase and it all comes together so eloquently. Whenever a guest walks in our house their eyes light up like they weren’t expecting to see such a nice place put together. Everyone asks if our house was the model house. I really feel like you doubled the value of our house.  Thank you so much!  We can’t wait to see the rest!”